We are looking for men of strong character and values that will enhance our brotherhood as well as work hard to keep Delta Gamma Iota up to the standards intended by our founding fathers. We take our brotherhood seriously. Your time at V.U. is only the beginning of the bond that will last a lifetime. We also hope to give you the skills and abilities to be successful in your endeavors after Vincennes University.

Pledge Program

The pledge program is designed to foster leadership skills, improve time management, and promote responsibility through obligations to the fraternity, university and community endeavors. We also hope to encourage the development of one’s self through brotherhood.


The minimum GPA for pledging and initiation is determined by the University. Though, we would like to emphasize the importance of grades. Your purpose in attending school is to further your education and earn a degree. We have study tables in place to ensure the opportunity to stay focused on these goals as well as rewards for good grades.


At Delta Gamma Iota we promote philanthropy and a sense of duty to give back to the community. We find it extremely important to donate our time to regular volunteering. Each brother is required to serve 3 hours of community service a week. Brothers are able to reach this goal through organized events through the fraternity or individually through a member’s own choice of endeavors.


Delta Gamma Iota has the intention to shape it’s members into men with strong leadership skills. Members refine these skills through holding a position on our executive council or by becoming the chair of a committee. Members who hold these positions have the opportunity to fine tune their abilities by helping to manage the fraternity and organizing brotherhood and community service events.


The brotherhood of DGI begins during pledgeship, is nurtured as an active member, and is continued as alumni. The bond of brotherhood is cultivated through sharing the experience of campus lifestyle, whether it’s by making memories or offering support through difficult times and challenges. As alumni, you will also have many opportunities to renew these bonds through alumni events or by visiting the active chapter.

Campus Involvement

Delta Gamma Iota values being involved with the University and remaining involved in campus activities. We do not wish to segregate ourselves from the student body but to be a positive addition to the student body. We regularly attend campus events and also volunteer to help out where we can.

Greek Lifestyle

Being a member of a greek organization should enhance your college experience. In addition to our brotherhood we also offer the opportunity to socialize amongst other greek organizations with common goals and ideals.

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