What is a Fraternity?

A Fraternity is a group of men who come together to form a common bond we call Brotherhood. Brotherhood binds together not only current chapter members, but members and alumni from all chapters.

What is Rush?

Rush is the process where students visit the different fraternities to decide what organization they would like to potentially pledge. It also allows members of the fraternities to decide if a rushee has the qualities they seek in their brothers. An informal rush event is held by each greek organization where rushees and current members can meet. Rushees will be able to ask questions about the fraternity and find out what is involved in the pledging process. We encourage rushees to attend each fraternity’s informal rush to find out what each has to offer and the best fit. A rushee will decide which fraternity they would like to be a part of and attends that organization’s formal rush event. The formal rush of Delta Gamma Iota allows our active members to interview each prospective member to find out if they have the potential to enhance our brotherhood and the willingness to work diligently to keep the fraternity going strong. If the fraternity feels the rushee meets these qualifications, then that person will receive a bid to pledge the fraternity. The prospective member either accepts the bid to begin the pledging process or denies the opportunity.

My son is thinking of joining Delta Gamma Iota. What should I expect?

At Delta Gamma Iota, he will immediately be welcomed into something unique. He will instantly become a member of Delta Gamma Iota and be activly involved in the chapter, community, and campus life.

Do you haze?

Delta Gamma Iota will not tolerate hazing. Hazing is illegal and has no place in the Fraternity. We do not want to tear down the self worth of our brothers but rather to build a foundation of strong self-worth, confidence, and values.

Do you require a minimum GPA?

Yes. The university and Delta Gamma Iota require a minimum of a 2.0 GPA. We do encourage our members to reach higher than the minimum GPA. As a student, your son’s first priority should be excelling in the classroom.

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