Welcome to the website for Delta Gamma Iota. DGI is not just a fraternity that you participate in while at school but one that continues after graduation and the years to come. This site is designed to further the connection between brothers and to allow our brotherhood to continue through another means of communication. Our intention is to help brothers stay in touch with each other, especially those who live out of state. Alumni will be able to keep up to date with the activities of the active chapter, be informed of upcoming alumni or active events, and share in the bond of brotherhood in general.

Students or parents of a student that are interested in rushing a fraternity will gain a better knowledge of what pledging DGI involves and what we as a fraternal organization hold valued. We hope that the information will be helpful and we hope that you will one day become a part of Delta Gamma Iota.

We also welcome friends of DGI who are looking to get back into touch with a member or the fraternity.

Rush Delta Gamma Iota

What better way to meet new friends than to start this semester off with Delta Gamma Iota Fraternity?

Rush is right around the corner so please fill out our Rush Form to meet some of the brothers and make sure Delta Gamma Iota is the right choice for you.

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